Thursday, August 23, 2007

POPFEST Highlights, Part 5: Fishboy and Gemini Cricket

#9 Fishboy

Eric Michener of Fishboy looks like he ought to be the lead in Wes Anderson's new movie, but instead he's writing epic concept albums about, in his words: "how myself, the band and the ghost of Buddy Holly attempt to save Texas by going on a tour/crime spree in order to perform all 8030 of the songs I've written in my sleep since I was in the womb. It's appropriately titled: Albatross: How We Failed To Save The Lone Star State With The Power Of Rock And Roll." Judging by the extended suite he played from the album at POPFEST, it's a collection of extremely addictive pop songs with some rousing horn and epic drumming. Although I swear the title was a lot longer when he recited it live. Anyway, it's due soon on HHBTM, and I can't wait. Fishboy's extremely complex storytelling lyrics are funny as hell too. Here's a sample from the new album courtesy his website.

Parachute (Using the Ghost of Buddy Holly As A)

#10 Gemini Cricket

Those lucky enough to be in at the POPFEST preview party, or whatever you'd call it, at the Transmet on Tuesday night will have caught an extremely memorable performance by a little band called Gemini Cricket. Think early low-fi, fuzzy cassette recordings by Mates of State. Or the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band. In fact, they will be releasing a low-fi, fuzzy cassette recording, on Popgun Records, plus a split 7" with the French Toasts, who also helped fill out the band during their POPFEST performance. The two singers of Gemini Cricket, Blake and Sara, are actually former camp counselors who would put together low-fi, fuzzy cassette recordings in their spare time. This all might seem a little too cute for your taste, but when they started playing--wearing antenna and fake mustaches--the joint was hopping and madly grinning. They were the first act I saw at POPFEST, and remain one of my favorites. Here's an exclusive track (and thanks to Father Cricket for providing it):

Gemini Cricket - One's We Make

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