Sunday, May 20, 2007


I've been listening a lot lately to the tantalizing EP White Whale by Seamonster, a Herman Melville-obsessed singer-songwriter who goes by the moniker Adrian Seamonster, but is actually Todd Webb, a tremendously talented artist whose cartoons, comics, and children's books can be found at his website He's heavily influenced by the Elephant 6 collective (which should give you an idea of why I like his sounds so much), and at times sounds a bit like Jeff Mangum--and though I really hate it when music blogs compare bands to Neutral Milk Hotel, in this case there's good cause. He hasn't hit those heights yet, and I've only an EP to sample his talents, but he's at work on a promising concept album called The Ascension of Archibald Balloonhead, "a musical epic of love, loss, death, and destiny which spans the short life of a boy whose head mysteriously fills with helium during the bombing of his homeland, and who will bring peace to a war-torn kingdom." You see why I swoon? It's not my fault. But here's more evidence: a track from his EP, White Whale, which you can purchase directly from Mr. Seamonster himself through his band's website. It's highly recommended. I've also included an exclusive track, "Callie's Dance," written for a dancer friend's recital. A pretty instrumental from a renaissance talent.

Seamonster - We Didn't Need to Breathe
Seamonster - Callie's Dance

Apologies for the long gap in updates. I've got more to come here shortly, and yes, I use "shortly" with a hugely liberal license. Rats!