Monday, July 16, 2007


Parade is based, by necessity, out of Atlanta, but claims as its heart Athens. And sure, the small Georgia community will gladly welcome another insanely gifted young pop band into their fold (Athens people being known for their politeness). But before you pigeonhole the band into a genre, let it be known that lead singer Carrie Hodge--along with fellow Paraders Emily Martin, Scott Trinh, and Jason Chamison--really knows how to rock. Check out "That's Hott," the punkish lead track off their new EP, Answer Me, actually the fourth release from this band which only began recording in 2004. Parade kicks over the tables and smashes the dishes like nobody's business. But by the time they reach the fifth and final track of the EP, "Lunch Lady" (no relation to Adam Sandler or Chris Farley), they prove they can pull out some beautiful melodies as well.

MP3: Parade - That's Hott

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