Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pink Floyd: Cymbaline

To continue the theme of psychedelic soundtracks: in 1969 Barbet Schroeder released More, a dream-like parable about two young lovers trapped in a dangerous heroin addiction. As with his later film, La Vallee, he tapped Pink Floyd for the dominant soundtrack. The Floyd was still in the process of metamorphosis; though it had been a few years since Syd Barrett was abruptly kicked out of the band (due to his rapidly advancing schizophrenia), Roger Waters was still testing his songwriting chops, and for a while--a while I quite like--the band was very democratic as it split songwriting duties amidst all the members. One of the highlights of the More soundtrack--and one of the few songs--is "Cymbaline," which features Dave Gilmour straining to lift his voice while the track's mixing perversely pushes him into the background. An amazing song; plus it has a Dr. Strange reference, which is always good.

The Pink Floyd - Cymbaline

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